Carbon River is a Country/Southern Rock cover band.  CRB was formed by musicians from other local and non local bands.  Each member comes from different musical genres.  But have melded those genres which gives us an edgy and full sound.  CRB has the passion and desire of wanting to share something special with the PNW.   We came together for the love of making great quality music and having fun along the way.  We always try to leave our fans and followers wanting more.


We don’t always play every cover song as written.  So don’t be surprised if we “Twist” a few songs during our shows.

Our Mission 


Is to provide the best quality music along with cutting edge visual effects, venue permitting.

We love to get the crowd involved.  Making them feel as if part of the show.  What that is, well you guessed it.  We can’t let every trick out of the bag.

The Carbon River Band supports our brave men and women in the Armed Forces, regardless if active or retired.  “God Bless The U.S.A.”!